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Welcome offers free visa assessment for all the users. Before you go on it is something for the general concern of the users that the result they are offered is prepared with the help of data that we have saved in our database and that is kept under some amendments time to time as necessary. Although there maybe some discrepancies and to avoid them you have to look and read the information about each visa you are looking during the process of assessing your eligibility and chances. So that you may be well guided and be on a track. The information is necessary to be read to get to know what requirements are to be needed to enhance your chances. There are further such details that maybe quite useful for the users. The information we provide covers the countries as listed below and this list is going to enhance to the larger extent since more and more work is under way to meet our users' demands. Countries we have so far worked with and which are going with great success and credibility are: Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, UK, USA, and more are under process. Similarly the types of visas are tried to be more and more comprehensible. The types we offer so far are work visa, study visa, immigration, business and family.

The site is more concerned with the standards and requirements as required by the de facto laws of the countries of the world and provides you the results in accordance with them. There is nothing that maybe exclusively of the site's own. What we weigh more is the standard rules as laid down by the immigration laws of the country you are concerned with. That should be taken into account that we remain in touch with the immigration laws of the countries we offer and we update our system in accordance with any change takes place in the immigration laws.

As the very name of the site indicates that our mandate is just to provide the best possible valid assessment. It is not our jurisdiction to provide any visa. Still in case of any query or information you may contact our 24 hours helpline as given below this page. t is our great concern to provide you with the best possible information after havinggone through the meticulous assessment process. We believe in the provision of thebest and that process is in progress. msdconsultant

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